Dedicated Cloud Server


Availability Cloud


  • Servers never go down as in case of any issue, one of the multiple nodes takes over the workload of the failed node automatically and this ensures zero downtime and maximum network uptime for your website and application.


Scalability of Resources

  • Increase or decrease of allotted resources – computing cores, RAM, and storage, as per workloads, is very easy and simple with cloud server. Cloud servers have scalable RAM, CPU, storage and strong technical resources to boost your website performance.


Safety and Security

  • With cloud servers, you have to trust your provider for the services and for taking adequate measures for security. Cloud service providers ensure data safety through dedicated IT support, secure and encrypted solutions, firewalls, and facilitate backup recoveries.


Cost efficiency

  • Hourly resource-based billing is among big benefits of cloud server hosting is typically pay as you go, that means you pay only for the computing resources that you actually use. With cloud servers, bandwidth, SQL storage and disk space offered are bit expensive, but they are relatively cheaper and abundant with dedicated servers.