GPS tracking


Corporate Cab / Bus Solutions

  • Helps Enhance Security

  • Helps Monitor Cab / Bus

  • Helps Increase Productivity

  • Historical route data

  • Real-time alert

  • Improved customer service


Fleet Management Tracking Benefits

  • Reduce operating expenses

  • Historical route data

  • Real-time alert

  • Improve customer service

  • Maximize vehicle utilization

  • Improve Safety


 School Transport Tracking System

  • Increased Child Safety

  • Parental Monitoring of School Buses Arrivals and Departures

  • Bus Monitoring Maintenance

  • Track Bus Fuel Costs

  • Track Bus Driver Driving Behaviors

  • Improved Scheduling for Schools


Personal GPS Tracking

  • View Location any time on Mobile Phone

  • Lightweight GPS Tracking device for small kids & pets

  • Locating a Lost Child in a Crowd

  • GPS Tracking for Teen Drivers

  • Monitor Children with Developmental or Behavioral Issues

  • Track Children in the Event of an Abduction